laura, italy, currently studying as a comic book artist wannabe and hoping to never get sick of it. graduated in japanese, she regularly gets the urge to flee somewhere else (at least twice a year), doesn't eat meat but can cook some great beer chicken, both hates and loves japan and everybody who shares some of her interests.

mi piacciono i negozi chiusi di notte e le foto di gente che salta, i cartoni animati, i fumettisti di tutto il mondo su tumblr e l'odore di quando spegni una candela.

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che coss'è l'amor?
  • Io: Che coss'è l'amor
  • L.: Un fritto di paranza
  • Io: Foss a marònn'.


*wakes you up in the middle of the night* look at this it’s important

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Thin black lines by Nendo 

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A comic about… artistic limitations.


A comic about… artistic limitations.

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New from J.K. Rowling: Dumbledore’s Army Reunites At Quidditch World Cup Final

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Please Mind the Gap

A photographic series by Weilun Chong showing commuters stepping on and off trains in Singapore and Hong Kong

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"Let’s read." by kirst belle d on INPRNT


"Let’s read." by kirst belle d on INPRNT

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