laura, italy, currently studying as a comic book artist wannabe and hoping to never get sick of it. graduated in japanese, she regularly gets the urge to flee somewhere else (at least twice a year), doesn't eat meat but can cook some great beer chicken, both hates and loves japan and everybody who shares some of her interests.

mi piacciono i negozi chiusi di notte e le foto di gente che salta, i cartoni animati, i fumettisti di tutto il mondo su tumblr e l'odore di quando spegni una candela.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) dir. Wes Anderson

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Nestled within the Austrian countryside sits a gorgeous home designed by architect Alexander Diem. The secluded residence, called Villa Am See, features a unique façade of intricate, patterned designs cut out from wood.

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"Improve yourself. Keep changing. And never stop.”

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Il peloso re del mio corazon.



Installation for Nuart Festival 2014 - Stavanger, Norway

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Bill Sienkiewicz 1990: Big Numbers #2

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Vittorio Sereni.


Vittorio Sereni.

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